The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has briefed the Security Council on the Situation in Libya for the forth time (cf. first report here).

In the case against Saif-al-Islam al-Gaddafi, currently in detention in Zintan, the Prosecutor recalls that the Libyan government is eager to try Gaddafi at home and not in The Hague. The government is challenging the jurisdiction of the Court before Pre-Trial-Chamber I. It is now up to the judges to decide where Gaddafi will be tried. The Prosecutor is reluctant to demand a trial in The Hague. She reiterated that national criminal jurisdictions have priority over the ICC. This may be correct, however, Libya is most likely not able to conduct a trial that meets basic requirements of a rule-of-law-trial (see here and here). In addition, the Prosecutor does not mention that Libyan and international authorities first need to get a hold of Gaddafi. Right now, he is in detention by some fringe rebel group (more here and here). Den Rest des Artikels lesen >

The conflict in Libya 2011 has been closely monitored by an International Commission of Inquiry. As mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the International Commission of Inquiry on Libya presented its report on violations of human rights law in Libya’s civil war. Allthough the report is very thourough, some remarks must be made. This analysis assesses the achievements and flaws of the report. Den Rest des Artikels lesen >