Let me make three little side notes to the OTP’s decision to halt investigations in the Darfur-situation (more here).

Media-coverage vs. UN-statements

Interestingly enough, while news outlets put the news straight (New York Times: “Prosecutor halts Darfur inquiry“, Washington Post: “ICC prosecutor stopping Darfur investigations“, al Jazeera: “ICC prosecutor halts Darfur war-crimes probe“), the UN is somewhat ashamed. The UN news centre headlines “Security Council inaction on Darfur ‘can only embolden perpetrators’ – ICC prosecutor” and the meetings coverage of the Security Council captions the meeting with “Amid Growing Brutality in Darfur, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Urges Security Council to Rethink Tactics for Arresting War Crime Suspects“.

Second serious blow to OTP

Just a few days earlier the OTP had to close the investigation against Uhuru Kenyatta because it could not provide evidence as required by the Pre-Trial-Chamber in order to proceed with the case.

Presidency of the Security Council

It renders the stop in the Darfur-situation delicate that the Presidency of the Security Council during December is held by Chad, a country neighbouring Darfur and, although a state party, refusing to cooperate with the ICC.

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